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Fabricant Helite
ID Constructeur 83485-main
Sexe Femme, Homme, Unisexe
Saison Article pour toute l'année
Domaine d'application Moto
Couleur Noir, Blanc
Contenu de la livraison 1 Pièce

Airbag Vest GP Air Helite

The shipping in NON-EU COUNTRIES takes place without any gas cartridge because international aviation law prohibits the shipping of pressure vessels. Please buy the gas cartridge separately in your country.

Thank you for your understanding

The GP-Air vest has been specially developed for the race track. Special emphasis was placed on the aerodynamics with a close-fitting seat and space for the back bump. In order to make the vest even more robust, 1.2 mm thick cowhide was used as upper material in the chest and back area. The soft soft collar ensures maximum comfort and ensures that the helmet is optimally supported in a fall.


  • full protection for back, neck, spine, chest, ribs, pelvis, head, internal organs etc.
  • 18 liters protection volume
  • Fast tripping time of 75 ms
  • Optimal pressure

Excellent protection with turtle technology

  • Back and breast protector for the double turtle effect
  • Hard outer protector in combination with the shock-absorbing air cushion ensures
  • optimal impact absorption and protection against puncture


  • Designed and tested on the racetrack by drivers for drivers
  • Close fit with elastic sides and space for the hump

High abrasion resistant materials

  • Very high abrasion resistance by 1.2 mm thick cowhide and foam to protect the airbag chamber

Fast reactivation

  • The CO2 capsule can be renewed quickly and easily by the driver himself

Mechanical release system

  • Helite airbags are 100% mechanically triggered to prevent false tripping, failure and battery replacement
  • No special tools or technical knowledge required to attach the ripcord to the vehicle


  • Zipper sponsor logos can be sewn on

In addition to the mandatory turtle protector in the back area, the GP Air has an additional chest protector, which also covers the trigger unit and the capsule. This creates the double turtle effect. Elastic inserts on the sides of the vest create a tight fit, so the vest sits securely even at high speeds. The biggest feature of the Helite GP Air is the neckline in the back area. Through this the vest is about race suits with large aerodynamic bumpers portable. At the front, the vest is closed with several Velcro closures, which are easy to handle even with gloves.

Helite has optimized the triggering time of the vest to 75ms, so that the 18 liter protection volume is available even faster. Like the other Helite systems, the GP Air Racing Vest provides protection for the neck, spine, ribcage, pelvis, coccyx, head, collarbone, and internal organs. In addition to an immense impact protection, the airbag stabilizes the entire torso against twisting and effectively supports the neck and neck in a crash.

The triggering is done via a ripcord, which is firmly connected to the vehicle and is plugged in when rising on the vest. It is important that the ripcord is optimally adjusted. That means as long as necessary but as short as possible. Unintentional release by forgetting the release of the ripcord when getting off the vehicle is very unlikely, since a force of about 300Nm is needed to operate the airbag.

By replacing the CO2 cartridge, the vest can be used immediately after a fall.

This vest has been developed and tested by racers for racers. The ideal solution for those who want great protection on the racetrack.

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